OneGram with Refreshed Design

OneGram with Refreshed Design

The OneGram graphic team has refreshed the OneGram landing page to be more vivid and attractive.

The overall colour scheme is based on the OneGram logo colour. Although former dominant gold colour was combined with a dark grey which contrasted with the basic colour and such scheme served its purpose, the landing page was not “live”. That is why we have decided to revive the landing page with dark-blue and gold combination. Present colour scheme is more outstanding. Extensive white space serves the basic purpose to let the web “breath” and allows readers to orientate in various kinds and levels of information. For distribution of objects we have used the correct UX.

The first sight on a landing page is decisive. Hence the page should be attractive enough to rouse an interest of a user and “force” him/her to stay for a while to convey him/her all information we would like to spread. Therefore we chose a flat model in the header, where OneGram wallet object is shining so to speak. Users are led to the key motto “In Gold We Trust” that aptly characterizes the OneGram project.

Why the central graphic object is a wallet application set into a notebook? We want to point out we develop digital asset, which is connected with computers and cellular phones and motive of wallet symbolizes a safe place where that asset is stored. However, “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart,” as Jonathan Swift said.

Under the heading there are five basic features that characterize the OneGram project and stress its uniqueness among other cryptocurrencies all around the world. In re-designing of the landing page we have taken into account the need to inform at first, therefore we have put the section OneGram News under those basic features. One level lower there is colour highlighted OG e-wallet. The aim was to draw attention of the users and inform them that our own e-wallet application will be launched soon.

I really like the floating faces referring to the core team of the OneGram. However, they represent only a smaller part of the skilled, experienced and smart OneGram people beyond.

Well, we wanted to highlight that the User Interface of the new OneGram web page is airy, modern, simple but also well arranged and quickly understandable. So we put emphasis on user comfortability, good orientation in order he/she could understand what we have actually meant to say.

We are proud we can design such a unique project. We hope users will appreciate it and react positively, because they have gotten what they needed— precise information, good navigation, and all that in a pleasant environment.

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