OneGram with Refreshed Design

OneGram with Refreshed Design

The OneGram graphic team has refreshed the landing page of OneGram to be more vivid and attractive.

The new color scheme was based on the color of the OGC logo. The old web gold color was accompanied by a dark gray, which, although contrasted with the basic color and hence served its purpose, the web page was not “live” in this combination. That’s why we have decided to revive the page with a combination of dark blue and gold. With arranged sufficient degree of white space the web can breathe and the colors are even more outstanding.

We used the correct UX to distribute the objects. The first sight of any visitor should attract the user, so we chose a flat mockup in the header, in which prepared item “Onegram Wallet” is shining. Users can notice the main title “In Gold We Trust” which aptly characterizes the Onegram Coin project.

Under the heading, there are 4 points that show the OneGram functions and features with explication aims.

We wanted to highlight that the User Interface of the new Onegram web site is airy, modern, simple but also transparent and quickly understandable. So we put emphasis on user comfortability, good orientation in order he could understand what we actually meant to say.

We are proud as for the result of our work and set goals. All the participants did a good job. We hope users will appreciate it and they will react positively, because they get what they need — precise information, good navigation, and all that in a pleasant environment.

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