How to Buy OGC

Effective Sept 4, 2017, OGC is exlusively bought through Vizionary.
Here are the step by step instructions how to purchase OGC.

Vizionary Register

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Choose from 3
OneGram Packages.

OneGram has a base price, which can not fall under the spot price of gold.

Small pack (EUR 388)
  • I. 1 OGC (backed by 1 g of physical gold)
  • II. 1 Gold Certificate Card
  • III. 1 share token each from GoldGuard, OneGram, YallaPay
Middle pack (EUR 2888)
  • I. 8 OGC (backed by 8 g of physical gold)
  • II. 8 Gold Certificate Cards
  • III. 8 share tokens each from GoldGuard, OneGram, YallaPay
Big pack (EUR 8888)
  • I. 25 OGC (backed by 25 g of physical gold)
  • II. 25 Gold Certificate Cards
  • III. 25 share tokens each from GoldGuard, OneGram, YallaPay - 1. FREE
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OneGram packages


There are several payment options available. Others will follow soon.

Wire Transfer
  • I. Print Out Invoice
  • II. Noor Bank will NOT receive funds from Commerzbank
  • III. ALL applicable fees must be paid by sender
  • IV. You are only allowed to register 1 pack at a time. Should you wish to purchase more, you will need to order the packs in the shop section when your registration has been activated
  • I. You must use the following wallets to be able to pay through BitPay:
    1. BitPay Wallet
    2. Copay Wallet
    3. Mycelium Wallet
    4. Electrum Wallet
    5. Bitcoin Core Wallet
  • I. You must have an AdvCash account to be able to use this option
BTC if having issues with BitPay
Payment Options