OneGram under the spotlight of world news media (again)

OneGram under the spotlight of world news media (again)

OneGram is not only a digital asset. Essentially, it is a community of enthusiasts bringing revolutionary ideas that change the whole face of Islamic finance as well as the comprehension of cryptocurrency world.

As a Shari’ah compliant cryptocurrency, OneGram has to represent a tangible asset based on additional religious-ethical principles and serve as a real currency (see this paper). This makes it exceptional in the crypto world.

Thanks to the dedication of the entire community of people involved in and around OneGram, this extraordinary project increases its operational and business space every day. In addition to the constant opening of new markets — most recently in Kazakhstan, the Republic of South Africa and towards the end of this summer in Russia, it has been establishing itself as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market which was confirmed by the very successful ICO last year.

Enthusiasm of OneGram fellows is, however, so powerful and motivating that the OneGram group is preparing a number of technological as well as business innovations to make this digital asset even more interesting.

Because OneGram as a tangible asset following the Shari’ah principles is backed by gold, its floor price is much more stable than any other cryptocurrency on the market. This feature predestines it to be tradable for any commodity or stock. OneGram is going to be a digital vehicle built in blockchain technology that links any stock/commodity assets with digital (blockchain) way of trading.

Based on the strategic decision of the OneGram founder, Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed, this currency will be listed (very soon) first on the brand-new and revolutionary hybrid exchange called Huulk. It combines traditional stock and commodity trading platform with the platform of digital asset trading. Huulk is a native platform developed under the guidance of Ibrahim Mohammed and the other four co-founders and what makes it different on the market are features that are similar with the ones of OneGram. In addition to a new concept of exchange trading, Huulk will unite traditional Islamic finance with modern finance industry.

The list of innovations introduced by the OneGram group is not finished yet, however these features, together with the revolutionary Huulk project, bring attention of the world news media. Especially since Huulk is heading to Malta, the “blockchain island”, which has recently adjusted its legal environment to incorporate this latest technology and presents its lasting ambition to become a European Islamic finance hub.

Bernardo Vizcaino, the economic reporter of the prestigious Reuters Agency, has been monitoring the development of OneGram since it was founded in May last year. Lately, he wrote about the Huulk-OneGram unique partnership, which could attract even more Islamic finance as it is accounting nowadays for only about 1% of the world’s finances. However, there are interesting ideas attracting stupendous Islamic funds prepared to invest in projects that meet strict ethical financial criteria that Shari’ah rules impose. And OneGram supported by Huulk is an ideal candidate for such mediation.

Here it is the incomplete list of news media which have adopted the Reuters release including the New York Times, New York Finances, Nasdaq, Finanzen or Ary News:

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