OneGram mainnet is ready for launching

OneGram mainnet is ready for launching

The OneGram project is inseparably linked to Ramadan, the most sacred month for Muslims. Together with the start of Ramadan in May last year, the ICO was officially launched and the OneGram project was alive. Today, I can say with great joy and pride in my heart that after a year of great effort, the development process will be accomplished at the end of this year's Ramadan and the first OneGram transaction will be executed. The mainnet will be launched and accessible to all users and holders of OneGram coins.

Ramadan, being the most sacred Muslim month of the year, is an opportunity for meditation, prayer, fasting, and self-development. In order not to disturb this particular time, we chose the timing of launching the mainnet right at the end of the Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak!


Ibrahim Mohammed

OneGram founder

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