OneGram Listed on ATAIX – an Exchange Granted with Two Crypto Licenses

OneGram Listed on ATAIX – an Exchange Granted with Two Crypto Licenses

OneGram is listed on this “young” Estonian crypto exchange which has a European license for trading also in fiat-to-crypto.


OneGram follows its roadmap and promises given to its investors by listing this unique digital asset on another exchange (Huulk,TradeSatoshiand Bitkerare the three previous ones). ATAIXhas been developed by a progressive team and the above-mentioned European licenses are for fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto transactions, enabling ATAIX to be fully certified in Europe for these two kinds of exchanges. 

The presence of OneGram on ATAIX guarantees a safe trading for OneGram investors also in fiat, while enhancing the liquidity of “gold” tokens. Moreover, after being listed on Dubai and Hong Kong based exchanges, OneGram enforces its geographical coverage, as well. 

ATAIX provides a secure environment with reliable exchanging and trading with the best experience at maximized convenience. Their One-Click Exchange tool makes exchanging between different cryptocurrencies easier than ever before, while still ensuring that security is a priority, as they proclaimed. 



Here is the trading fee table. 



OneGram users will be charged similar, if not even the same fees.

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