Introducing OneGramCoin Explorer

Introducing OneGramCoin Explorer

Transparency is a key improvement that cryptocurrencies brought to finance with the unique technology that does not allow shady off-the-book transactions. We value transparency and believe it is necessary to create trust in business and prove the legitimacy to our investors and early adopters.

Technically OneGram coin will have a public ledger recording all the transactions and making sure there is a limited supply of coins available and nobody can forge them out of thin air. To bring this technical transparency even closer to every individual user regardless of their technical skills we will develop and operate a public website that shows all important network conditions and allows you to search and see all transactions, blocks and other key network metrics in a shiny modern web interface, all in real time. This will be especially useful for potential OneGram coin investors that don’t have their wallet software installed yet and would like to see how the network performs first.

For our technical users we have even better news to announce — the whole blockchain explorer will be released as an open source software under public domain together with complete documentation on how to set it up yourself. Taking the advantage of modern containerization technology (Docker with Compose) we will provide all the tools necessary to easily deploy a full-blown blockchain explorer on your personal computer or in a cloud service of your choice, be it AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean or others. It’s nice to have trust, but even nicer not to need it and rely on yourself instead. After all, it’s your money and you deserve to have the full control over it.

The software will be released on GitHub next year (Q1/2018) and we’ll welcome all technically savvy users to try it out themselves and give us feedback. Stay tuned.

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