OneGramCoin is attacking the real world

OneGramCoin is attacking the real world

MAG one of the largest corporations in the Middle East and North Africa region signed an affiliate agreement to accept the Shari'ah compliant cryptocurrency OneGram coin (OGC). It has been agreed that any of MAG’s existing and future development projects can be purchased using OneGram. The significance of this affiliation is considered a game changer in the crypto industry as currently the only digital token to ever have real world usage was Bitcoin until now. Since OneGram is still in the development phase and will not be live until June 2018 this agreement represents major confidence in OGC in what some experts believe the coin to rival Bitcoin. The excitement and enthusiasm could not be contained by the OneGram co-founder Mohammed Ibraheem Khan when he gave the following statement;

“ What 1369 other digital tokens couldn’t do ONEGRAM has done in a tiny space of time and that is show the market we are here to stay and create real use cases for our token. Until now Bitcoin has had a full monopoly but not anymore. This is a mega announcement and our first use case but in the weeks to follow there will be many more similar announcements. This now asks the question with OneGram only having half the coin supply of BTC where will the price of OGC go when we hit the exchanges in June 2018”

The MAG affiliation program will run as follows;

  • Investors will buy OneGram to the value of the property
  • Investors will receive a 5% discount on the property price for buying through OneGram
  • OneGram will remit to MAG according to the payment plan
  • Payment plans represent 35% over 6–9 months and 65% on completion at the end of 2019

Due to this extraordinary deal all investors can participate in the growing potential of OneGram which could result in the multiplication of the investment value.

The development of OGC blockchain is highly business-oriented. Fast payments and predictable confirmation time with built-in adaptation features which make it possible to enter new markets today and in the future. It’s all in combination with user friendly control interface.

Patrik Kmeč, head of the strategy / 01CryptoHouse

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MAG: The Moafaq Al Gaddah (MAG) Group is a multinational conglomerate based in Dubai, UAE. The group’s portfolio currently includes real estate, contracting & engineering, Industrial & Commercial trading, freight services, and hospitality. Founded in 1978, it is one of the largest corporations in the region, maintaining a prominent position of leadership and pioneering among its peers.

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