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OneGram is a cryptocurrency where each coin is backed with 1 g of physical gold.

It is the world’s first Sharia Compliant cryptocurrency backed by physical gold. To assure a constant growth, future transactions will have a fixed fee which will be reinvested to buy more gold for OneGram holders.

With the backing of physical asset, OneGram will overcome a few of the biggest challenges in cryptocurrencies - price volatility, entry and exit options with Yalla Pay.

OneGram holders will have instant access to gold and use the coin for real life transactions utilizing blockchain technology.

GoldGuard started out as an online gold trading platform that enables customers both personal and business to buy gold at spot rates and physically store it.

The partnership with Vizionary has inspired a new direction for GoldGuard.

GoldGuard will evolve to become a platform for Global Corporate Trade. GoldGuard will be offering a fully automated and digital platform to provide a letter of credit, digital gold check, and a gold crowd funding system to the global corporate market.

GoldGuard continues to be the guardian of the gold that backs every OGC.

Yalla Pay is the premier crypto-fiat payment solution of the Middle East.

  • a payment solution provider and merchant marketing system.
  • a wallet that allows you to store or transfer your OGC as well as shop and earn cash backs.
  • a payment processing solution for retail merchants.

Yalla Pay offers both conventional and cryptocurrency merchant services.

The future of payments is progressive and sophisticated with minimal reliance to the banking system and instead operating independently as much as possible.

OneGram packages

Registration 55



Vizionary system registration


€ 55

Effective March 5, 2018


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