OneGram wallets for users

OneGram wallets for users

Recently we have launched OneGram blockchain test-net based on Graphene 2.0 technology. It has been launched sooner than we announced it. The first results were impressive, indeed; however, we had to check plenty of features with the only aim to improve user’s interface and usability to make OneGram clients contented. The test-net was tested not only by robots, but also by our expert technologists and developers.  

Now we are testing the blockchain with the 6-times higher speed in comparison with the planned start, which expressed in figures means 10 seconds per 1 block versus 1 minute planned for one block. Up to now we have realized 60 million (58 719 201) transactions in 305.934 blocks. Hence, we have reached 300 000 plus blocks with approximately 1100 automated testing accounts (bots). So we can conclude that the whole chain is stable and reliable.

Since the performance of OneGram blockchain even exceeded our expectations as for the transaction time and stability of the system, it is time to make our wallets accessible for more OneGram users/holders to learn them to use the blockchain and to validate the transactions. We have declared OneGram blockchain is based on proof of stake technology. It means we are not going to make a proof of work via mathematical puzzle and receive the coins as rewards, but to validate transactions via delegated validators. They will be rewarded for their transaction validation. So, if you want to be a validator, please send us your email address and we will give you test user account access together with instructions how to validate and make transaction blocks.

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