OneGram test-net launched

OneGram test-net launched

The OneGram project demonstrates several unique features. The business model belongs to the most innovative and its reputation has spread near and far. The technology part has profound features too.

The delegated proof-of-stake, which is much complicated than BTC proof-of work, is based on the brilliant Graphene technology used by Bitshares, to mention some, even though the OneGram blockchain omits the “shares”.

The OneGram test-net was launched on March 21 with a week ahead declared in the white paper. Formerly we have presupposed the block-time will be of 1-minute interval. During the test-net, however, we have simulated a massive load and nevertheless it has been running faster with only a 20-second block-time.

We have also written a script that automatically sends transactions to users. Moreover, we have created several user accounts that randomly send different volumes of OGC transactions. We plan to increase the number of test users soon.

Our test-net has indicated no failures and errors during the stress tests, although we have repeatedly and deliberately tried to shut one validator down. The network has been operating anyway.

After internal testing, we plan to reboot the network on April 9 and make it accesible to some users. We plan to launch the live-net version on May 16.

The test version, however, will remain in service; so those who will try our technology, will have the opportunity to test it beyond a live environment. For example, if someone will learn about our blockchain after a month or two after it will be launched and want to examine it, he/she will have the opportunity to test it. Later, he/she can use a live operation. The same will apply to processes that need to integrate a payment gateway within our blockchain.

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