OGC projects under development

OGC projects under development

There are many cryptocurrencies, but only OneGram. The project of the first and unique digital asset backed by physical gold following Shari'ah financial principles enters its final stage.

In May 2017 an exceptional Shari'ah compliant and gold backed digital asset called OneGram was launched. Since then it went through several stages. Parallelly with ICO, which ended in September 2017, we started to develop an innovative blockchain based on delegated proof-of-stake platform, e-wallet application and our own exchange called Huulk. Meanwhile we have innovated the design of the landing page www.onegram.org with the aim to unite it with the design of other prepared applications. All this development and realization take some time, of course.

Launching the test-net is planned for March this year. In April we will test the transaction net and subsequently in May the OneGram e-Wallet will be accessible for OneGram holders and prospective buyers. In summer we plan to launch our exchange Huulk, where the OneGram coins will be traded.

The OneGram project includes 12,400,786 coins which is roughly half of the BTC amount. A part of the coins is reserved for institutional allocation. Since the OneGram is a digital asset backed by gold, it has its natural partner, GoldGuard (GG), experienced company focused on providing a reliable method to purchase and store gold. GG security system is designed to guard and protect physical assets and all bullion is fully insured by the GG's storage providers in Dubai and Singapore.

As our ambition since the beginning was to give people real digital asset based on the latest technologies, we have been trying to contract various retail as well as property developing partners. We have accomplished our goal in business by signing the mutual contract with our developing partner in Dubai, the company MAG. Investors can purchase OneGram coin (OGC) to the value of the property and receive a 5% discount on the property price as a result. OneGram will then remit to MAG according to the payment plan, which is 35% over six to nine months and 65% on completion at the end of 2019. As for the retail solution on the platform of OneGram, some other projects are under preparation. We have proceeded, for example, with the co-operation with the Etihad Airways concerning a possible cash systems realized through OGC. I hope another projects will follow soon as we have started very promising negotiation in the real estate area within the Middle East region.

Peter Hasak, project manager 01CryptoHouse


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