How to create OneGram wallet

How to create OneGram wallet

OneGram has recently launched its mainnet and become a live service for OneGram holders who can now start to claim their wallets. OneGram Account is a secure digital wallet used to store, transfer, and receive OneGram coins.

If you want to create your OneGram wallet, please, visit web page and follow the instructions. OneGram team has prepared several online as well as offline storage services for encrypted private keys.

Step 1 — Login on the wallet web page

Choose the step Create your OneGram Account on the left below. Click the button CREATE.


When done, the dialog window Create Account will open.

Step 2 — Choose between two methods of storing encrypted private keys

Right now users can choose between two methods of storing your encrypted private keys. Other more secure methods and services highly recommended by the OneGram team will be added very soon. We also advise unexperienced users to wait until the OneGram Vault service will be launched at the end of June.

The first choice is the Dropbox online service. If you choose this service and already have this service installed, you do not have to do anything, because the encrypted private key will be automatically stored there. You can use Dropbox as an online service or you can download it here. Attention! All online storage solutions are less secure than offline solutions in general.

If you prefer the method called Local Storage, your encrypted private key will be stored in your browser. Remember that the key will only be saved in the browser you used to create the Account. We highly recommend to copy the encrypted private key and save it outside your computer. As mentioned above, all online storage solutions are less secure than offline solutions in general.

Private key encryption is the form of encryption where a single private key can encrypt and decrypt information. Encryption is the process of transforming information into a form that is unreadable by anyone other than those the information is intended for. For more information click here.

IMPORTANT: Anyone who has access to your encrypted private key, has access to your wallet and can carry out transactions with your OneGram coins.

Dropbox is a safe platform for creating and accessing your encrypted private keys. Any file is split into discrete blocks, which are encrypted using an encryption algorithm called a cipher.

DISCLAIMER: OneGram is not responsible for any lost or theft of the private keys stored in the user’s Dropbox.

Local Storage persistently stores encrypted private keys in your browser. Private keys are encrypted and user password is still needed in order to make transactions. Pay attention! The encrypted private keys are stored in the browser you have used for creating your OneGram account. When you decide to use a different browser, your private key cannot be linked automatically.

DISCLAIMER: OneGram is not responsible for any lost or theft of the private keys stored in the user’s browser.

Step 3 — Enter Account name

If you have already registered your Account name on,please enter your unique OneGram Account registration PIN code which you have received in the previous email confirming your Account name. Please, consider that the Account name can contain only small letters and digits, therefore do not use capital letters (even at the beginning), nor special characters like @#% etc. All four checkboxes are required to be checked. We highly recommend you to read the Terms of service as well as the Privacy policyto have detailed information of the service as well as of its legal aspects.


The PIN code entry box is only for the pre-registered users, who have registered their Account on and received an email with a PIN code. All other users can ignore this box and click the button Create account.

Step 4 — Enter passphrase

Passphrase step is very simple. Just write three or four (different) words easy to remember for you and confirm them. Then click the button Submit .

Passphrase is a sequence of words used to control access to a computer program or data. Passphrase looks like: smallmouseblueshoes. Passphrase is similar to password, but they differ in use. Password is generally used for authentication or login into a system, while passphrase is used in cryptoghraphy for protecting an encrypted private key.

Step 5 — Message announcing successful creation of your Account


If you see this dialog window, it means that your account has been successfully created. Just press Login to your account button and you will be redirected to the login section.

Step 6 — Login to your OneGram Account

Your OneGram Account has been successfully created. Next step is to login into your Account. Just click the button SIGN IN in the middle.


Step 7 — Select login method

Here you are required to select the method you used for your Account registration.


Step 8 — Choose the backup way

This is a backup screen where users can check their encrypted private key, copy it and create a backup file. They can also restore their wallet from this encrypted private key or backup file. The encrypted private key is that long green chain of signs. We highly recommend to save the key outside your computer or any online device and store it offline.


Congratulation! Your wallet is ready to be used.


In case of any problems concerning your Account creation, kindly contact [email protected]

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