Buy A OneGram Apartment in Dubai

Buy A OneGram Apartment in Dubai

Now you can invest in one of the most sought-after real estate markets in the world with OneGram (a token backed by gold). The OneGram token has partnered up with MAG Lifestyle Development to offer investors and residents the opportunity to purchase units with the token. You can use the OneGram token to buy into the development project at a 5% discount. This use case is a big step that allows investors to leverage the utility of cryptocurrency without the volatility of non-backed tokens.


While no currency can guarantee absolute stability, OneGram limits your exposure to downside risk. Since the base value of a OneGram coin/token is always at least equal to the spot of the price of gold, it has a floor rate. This attribute makes the coin more usable as a medium of exchange and why a development the size of MAG Lifestyle can accept OneGram and still underwrite the project appropriately. Real estate projects of this size spend lots of time on risk mitigation. The fact they are willing to take the risk of selling a portion of their assets in OneGram shows lots of confidence in the coin.


OneGram also happens to be the first Islamic Shari'ah-approved cryptocurrency.


Would you like to leverage your tokens in exchange for a cash-flowing rental property without incurring hefty transaction fees? OneGram is giving this opportunity to the marketplace.


OneGram is moving quickly to establish new partnerships to create even more utility for its token holders. OneGram will be open to the market to buy and trade in June of this year.


Send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected], and we will show you how you can purchase the token.


Side notes:


There was a time where gold backed most of the worlds fiat currency. Economists agreed to get off the gold standard so they could have better control over supply and interest rates.


While we are in a much different ecosystem, we thought it was a relevant point to bring up.


We don’t see an immense rush of people going to exchange their OneGram tokens for gold. Even if they did, the volume would not cause the damage it did in the 1930’s.

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